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The Artist: Don Rankin began his career over 40 years ago. His work has been featured in numerous publications. His books and video tapes on watercolor technique have been marketed world wide and several of his books have been translated and marketed in the Far Eastern
market. Don is a member of the Southern Watercolor Society. You can read more about Don at Watercolor Online.

Don has an earned Ph.D. in Visual Communication and is an Assistant Professor of Art at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.

What we do: We provide hand-crafted illustrations for a wide variety of clients who range from architects and developers to magazine art directors. This often requires a fairly broad range of techniques. While a large amount of the work is geared toward residential housing there are ample commercial projects as well.

Pricing: Pricing is often the most difficult part the job. Very often percentage formulas can be misleading. We price each job individually giving attention to the level of detail and complexity involved in each project. For example, one client may need a loose sketchy rendition; another
seeks more detail. One may want only the structure emphasized, while another desires to see an involved depiction of landscape, etc. Then there is the option of full color, or black and white.

Getting Started: First, we discuss your project and your desires. We review your blue-
prints and any other data you provide. We provide an estimate. In most cases that estimate is firm unless you decide to make changes. In some projects a certain amount of change can be accommodated without adversely affecting the price. Always ask to make sure. Once an
agreement is reached a position sketch is provided for your approval. Upon approval, the final project begins.

What we need from you: Blueprints with elevations, floor plans and roof detail (if available). Digital files please. If the job is color, we need samples, photos, manufacturer and/ or stock numbers. Sweets catalog references can help as well.

Deadlines: We make every effort to stay on time with every job. However, client changes and studio work load can affect delivery date. A simple pen and ink rendition can be done in a few days while an involved full color commercial rendition can take 2-3 weeks.

Payment: All projects are delivered on a COD basis. On large commercial projects 1/3 payment will be due upon acceptance/approval of final drawings. The remaining payment will be due upon completion. Payments are to be made in certified checks, or money orders denominated in US dollars.

Gallery: The works are divided into monotone pen and ink, pen and ink with color, and watercolor.

Contact Don Rankin with any questions.

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